Computer World


The Challenge: Computer World hosts technology seminars sponsored by the world’s most prestigious technology companies. Invitations and seminar announcements add up to millions of pieces of mail annually. Computer World approached the Graphic Group looking for a vendor capable of handling their tremendous volume. They expressed a need to more efficiently handle returned mail. The cost of returns was high and the process of manually updating mailing lists from returned mail was cumbersome.

The Graphic Group Difference: The Graphic Group responded with the 2D barcode. A two dimensional barcode can handle more information than a standard linear barcode. The solution allowed Computer World to code the addressee’s information on each piece of mail. Returns are now processed with an automated barcode scanner, directly updating their customer database. The solution saves Computer World time and money.

American Repertory Theatre (ART)


The Challenge: Direct mail is an integral part of the American Repertory Theatre’s advertising and fundraising efforts. The marketing department is a busy place. They contacted the Graphic Group looking for a total print and direct mail management solution. The season brochure is the theatre’s primary marketing effort for selling ticket packages and subscriptions.

The Graphic Group Difference: The Graphic Group printed two versions of the brochure. The first 50,000 piece mailing offered deep discounts for early signup. The followup 35,000 pieces provided updated events and schedules. Multiple lists were cross-referenced, sorted, and CASS certified. Each recipient was coded based on the originating list, allowing ART to study each mailings’ effectiveness based on the demographics and list source.

Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts


The Challenge: The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts (EDMA) uses direct mail as a fundraising tool to support their local, national, international missions, ministries, and relief efforts. Working with a vendor that understands the direct mail process is the key to the church’s fundraising efforts. EDMA relies on the Graphic Group to manage their fundraiser printing and mailing.

The Graphic Group Difference: The Diocese delivered twelve separate mailing lists. The lists were suppressed and cross-referenced on criteria provided by the church. The Graphic Group printed six different personalized letters. A slip nest and fold process combine the letter with buck slip and #9 remittance envelope. A two point match is executed to insert the personalized mailer in the correct #10 envelope for mailing. An acute understanding of the direct mail process and exacting attention to detail make this mailing a success year after year.

D.B. Roberts


The Challenge: D.B. Roberts Company is a recognized leader in fastener distribution, focused on providing solutions for fastener applications in sheet metal fabrication, metalworking, and industrial electronics. The company sells thousands of products representing hundreds of manufacturers. An annual product catalog showcases the company’s product lines. D.B. Roberts turns to the Graphic Group to produce and mail the catalog to end users throughout the US.

The Graphic Group Difference: Consistent, high quality printing, mailing list management, and timely execution are the keys to a successful catalog mailing. D.B. Roberts realizes the power of working with a print management company committed to providing quality printing and the know how to manage the complexities of a national direct mail campaign.