SALES FORCE BINDERCS_Print Production_Cybex

The Challenge: The client was looking for a solution for their sales team to carry a “catalog” of the products along with them. Something easily transported, easily separated and durable…but most of all a high-end piece to show off the product.

The Graphic Group Difference: The Graphic Group took the initiative to print all of the separate catalogs with a special binding style called loop stitching; this allows each catalog to be removed from the binder independently while lying flat against the other catalogs. Each catalog is printed with a spot gloss varnish to accentuate the product on each page. The binder itself is semi-transparent with a simple white screen-print on the front and binding. This allows the catalogs inside to shine through artistically while protecting all of the important pieces inside.  We used traditional offset printing, screen printing, and custom bindery to complete this project.

Boston Children’s Hospital


The Challenge: Boston Children’s Hospital authored a comprehensive continuing education program for pediatric health care practitioners. They turned to the Graphic Group to consult on the most effective path to produce and deliver the material. The program consists of a six CD set, introduction letter, and content listing. It was important to Boston Children’s Hospital that they work with a single source capable of handling CD printing and duplication along with the printing, binding, and fulfillment.

The Graphic Group Difference: The solution employed a combination of print disciplines to deliver content and packaging in a single product. To secure the CDs and handle their weight, the Graphic Group engineered a unique packaging design. The booklet was printed offset as a single-sided eight-panel brochure. The two inside panels were die cut to handle the CDs. The flat piece was then scored, accordion folded, punched, and wire-o bound. The double thickness of the inside panels hold the CDs securely and easily handle the added weight. Simultaneously with print production, the CDs were screen printed and duplicated. We executed the fulfillment, inserting the CDs and individually shrink wrapping each book for delivery. The result was a single package that housed all of the content, an introduction letter, and content listing. The Graphic Group delivered a dynamic, single source solution.

Harvard University


The Challenge: The marketing department at HSEAS was referred to the Graphic Group by a loyal graphic designer working on their undergraduate catalogue. The story was unfortunately a familiar one. The vendor they were using was not responsive and the print quality and consistency was not meeting their standards.

Graphic Group Difference: The job arrived with some last minute edits. Our production department carefully handled the edits and made recommendations to HSEAS where file techniques could improve the final print quality. Particular attention was paid in prepress and on press to insure the cover finished flush with the text pages. The Graphic Group was on press for the printing and bindery.

New England Patriots


The Challenge: Every year the New England Patriots come to the Graphic Group to brainstorm for a unique luxury ticket presenter box for the Season Ticket holders.

The Graphic Group Difference:  One of the recent examples is this is a fully custom printed and wrapped box that includes individual smaller boxes [specialized with contents for each game] along with the suite holders’ menu and other specialized information. We take the time to incorporate the overall vision of the Patriots and merge it with something new and interesting. This is not only a functional item but also a piece of memorabilia.