Constellation Center


The Challenge: The Constellation Center is a state-of-the-art venue for the performing and cinematic arts and home to more than 500 small and mid-sized cultural organizations needing performance space. The Center is designed to enable optimal presentation of a wide range of performance events. During construction, the Center hoped to generate community support and share their vision of the final building. They turned to the Graphic Group for ideas.

The Graphic Group Difference: The result was a truly remarkable display of the builder’s design goals and future vision. Hundreds of feet of vinyl banners line the construction site’s exterior fence. The windy conditions at the site demanded the banners be printed on heavy gauge vinyl with wind slits and reinforced hemming on the edges. The Graphic Group managed the layout, print, finishing, and installation of the banners.

World Congress


The Challenge: World Congress is the leading global provider of healthcare conferences. They convene leadership summits with senior executives and government policy makers from all segments of the healthcare industry. The summits take place all around the country and range in size from hundreds to thousands of attendees. Signage is a very important part of a successful event. World Congress approached the Graphic Group looking for a single company to handle the production and distribution of their event signage.

The Graphic Group Difference: The Graphic Group employs unique production and logistic systems to manage World Congress’s conference schedule. The meeting management business demands flexibility and attention to detail. Information changes quickly as the event gets closer. The ability to handle last minute changes and still deliver the right product on time is what separates us from our competition.



The Challenge: HCPro, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated information, education, training, and consulting products and services in the vital areas of healthcare regulation and compliance. The company hosts hundreds of compliance seminars around the country. Seminars range in size and complexity, creating the need for a range of print and display products. HCPro approached the Graphic Group in search of a single source to manage printing for their seminars.

The Graphic Group Difference: The Graphic Group’s expertise in multiple print disciplines is exactly what HCPro was searching for. The convenience of dealing with a single vendor for offset print, digital print, and tradeshow graphics simplified HCPro’s internal process. Production and logistics are streamlined freeing time for seminar organizers to more effectively deal with attendees.

Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston


The Challenge: The ICA Store strives to extend the mission of the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston by presenting an outstanding selection of books, media, and  products created by working artists and designers as well as enhancing the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art. The store also showcases merchandise that stimulates awareness of contemporary design in our everyday lives. In-store displays and signs play a large role in marketing the products.

The Graphic Group Difference: The ICA turns to the Graphic Group for point of purchase displays and signs. Posters, banners, and window displays are all employed to keep the ICA store looking fresh and up to date.