Internet Print Management is a powerful web-based system that tightly integrates the design, print, storage, fulfillment, and delivery of your company’s printed material. The power of the system is realized by integrating your print buying process with the Graphic Group’s experienced print management team. We develop online templates of your company’s stationery and marketing material and present them via a custom web interface. The interface is then used to order and manage your printed material. The templates are incredibly easy to use and equally versatile. They handle complex variable data marketing campaigns with the same grace as simple personalized business cards and letterhead.

Print Management Demo


Barbizon Lighting provides custom lighting and rigging solutions for concert and stage productions. With fourteen locations across the United States and Great Britain, Barbizon was having trouble keeping their printed material consistent and on brand. Stationery and business cards were printed using different artwork. Print pricing and turnaround was inconsistent and ordering was difficult and time consuming. Barbizon turned to the Graphic Group.


GEI Consultants is a national engineering firm specializing in environmental and geological engineering projects. The company has grown quickly by acquiring  small to medium sized firms. Rapid growth proved a challenge to the print procurement process. Business cards and stationery were a constant problem. Ordering was time consuming and print quality was inconsistent. In addition to stationery, the main office produces proposal covers and tabs, distributing them to the offices around the country. Fulfilling orders internally was inefficient and time consuming.


Talent Partners is a national talent management firm with offices in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Their stationery has some features that make it expensive to print on demand. Their business envelope has a full bleed flap and their business card is heavy coverage with a full bleed on the back. Print was ordered from multiple vendors, creating brand and print consistency problems. The print procurement part of their business was hard to manage and was way too expensive.


Toshiba Business Solutions has many different tiers of branding along with many locations. Some of their business cards need to have one, maybe two additional logos added dependent on the recipients. The logo(s) added an additional ink color(s) to their material. Print quotes were coming in at three and four times the cost of their existing print. Toshiba has five offices in the Boston area. Each of the offices reported trouble with their existing print vendor’s level of service. Turnaround and print quality were a constant source of aggravation.

As a solution, we created a custom web portal for Toshiba. Each location can choose the logos that they would like added to the card. This way they only pay for the additional colors when needed. Finished products are ordered using custom variable templates and are imprinted on demand. Shell inventory levels are instantly updated as imprints are ordered. The variable templates allow Toshiba to typeset and instantly approve business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. The shell and imprint model along with the streamlined production system allowed us to achieve Toshiba’s turnaround and print quality goals with ease.