Printing is our passion. We’re energized daily by the entire process from creative through delivery. Our zeal for the art of printing is brought to bear on every project we manage. Employing the newest and most innovative technology along with time tested print production techniques, we achieve award winning results. Unlike print manufacturers, limited by the equipment they own, we fit every job to the ideal manufacturing solution. As innovative thinkers, we’re always on the lookout for ways to use paper, print, coating, and bindery methods to differentiate your print work from the vast sea of commodity print products. Your printed material is the standard by which your company is judged. We’ll make sure it looks good.

New England Patriots

Every year the New England Patriots come to the Graphic Group to come up with a luxury ticket presenter box for the season for the Season Ticket holders. This is a fully custom printed and wrapped box that includes smaller boxes that have materials pertinent to each game included along with a suite menu.


The Cybex team was looking for a solution for their sales team to carry a “catalog” of the products along with them. Something easily transported, easily separated and durable…but most of all a high-end piece to show off the product.

Harvard University

The marketing department at HSEAS was referred to the Graphic Group by a loyal graphic designer working on their undergraduate catalogue. The story was unfortunately a familiar one. The vendor they were using was not responsive and the print quality and consistency was not meeting their standards.

Boston Children's Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital authored a comprehensive continuing education program for pediatric health care practitioners. They turned to The Graphic Group to consult on the most effective path to produce and deliver the material. The program consists of a six CD set, introduction letter, and content listing. It was important to BCH that they work with a single source capable of handling CD printing and duplication along with the printing, binding and fulfillment.